Monday, March 28, 2011

A Thank You

There is no new recipe to post this week. Which is sad, but also appropriate for the week that we had. So instead of skipping a post or trying to throw something together just for the sake of posting, I decided to post a quick thank you. We were dealing with some scary health-stuff this week, which I'm not ready to share, but I do want to say a sincere thanks.

To our amazing family who were here to help out with everything, which we so desperately needed. And to my fellow law students who sent me notes from missed classes and did a little extra work to make up for my slacking on a team brief. And to my professors who were so incredibly understanding that I had to miss some classes and even said they wouldn't cold-call me until I gave them the go ahead. And Tom's work that is more worried about him, than when he'll be back. Thank you.

So we're not totally out of the woods yet, but it is profoundly beautiful to be reminded in tough times that people are good. And compassionate. And will do the best they can to help.

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