Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Last week we took our first vacation in almost two years. It wasn't to France or Italy. It wasn't to the Grand Canyon or a beach resort. It was to Tarrytown, NY. Just 1/2 hour north of the city. BUT, the reason we chose Tarrytown was to have a meal just as glamorous and unique as any of the places I just listed. That's right - we had an 8 course dinner at
Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

It was a little too cold to take the farm tour, but we arrived for our dinner reservation just in time to watch the sun set over the farm (from the warmth of the car). It was gorgeous. And then there was the food. Such fresh root vegetables, it left you wondering what it was you were eating before ("that's how a carrot tastes?!"). And venison that was delightfully rare. And offal that made Tom utter "barnyardy, but not in a bad way," just like
Andrew Zimmern does!

So without further ado, our delicious, once-in-a-lifetime menu:

1. Raw vegetables from the garden (served as above) including carrots, turnips, cauliflower. And a shot of carrot juice.

2. Sweet potato chip, smoked kale chip, parsnip chip

3. One-bite beet burger on sesame roll and fried pig skin

4. speck with greenhouse greens and pickled vegetables

5. Stained-glass plate of winter fruits and vegetables with mustard seeds

6. Brioche with swiss chard marinade and fresh ricotta

7. Roasted carrot with almond sauce and hazelnut shavings

8. Barely poached egg with mushrooms and spinach emulsion

9. Potato, onion bread served with whipped lard, fresh churned butter, kale and tomato salt

10. Pork belly with rutabaga and walnut salad

11. Venison rack with liver and kidney and salsify rolled in chocolate wheat

12. Squash dumpling with pumpkin seed ice cream with molasses

13. Cheese souffle with coffee ice cream and ginger

14. Chocolate tart with spelt flour and cinnamon ice cream

15. Tiny chocolate milkshake with raspberry & vinegar marshmallow

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