Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitchen Renovation

(image from Trinity Law School)

Things have been a little intense around our house for the past week or so. My law school orientation started last week, and while orientation sounds like it should be pretty low-key, I've had 2 hours of class each morning, have been sitting in mandatory lectures/panels/discussions for many hours each day, and still have many more hours of reading to do each night. I'm not complaining (really), but I sure am glad that they gave us a week with just one class to allow us to transition. Because, well, it's going to be tough to find balance between life (husband, cooking, running, friends) and school (reading, reading, reading, reading, class).

To add a little more stress (but also fun) to the mix, the kitchen renovation that we've been working on took a major step forward on Monday! A lot of work was done by my parents (who are super handy), but for the sink upgrade and laying of the granite counter top we call called in the experts. I was in class and then in lectures all day while this was happening (of course), which is tough for a control freak like me. But Tom's father came up for the day and oversaw the whole thing.

And the kitchen that once looked like this:
When I came back from school that evening, looked like this:

*I promise to post an actual recipe soon (I have some great ones waiting), but I need to get oriented a little better first. :o)


  1. Congrats on the new kitchen! I love cooking and while I did some of that in law school, I probably would have done more if I had a nicer kitchen. Good luck with orientation and all those first year classes! Get outlines from upperclassmen you trust - that's one of the keys to taming the beast that is 1L year!

  2. Kitchen looks good, can hardly wait to see it in person! :-)

  3. Lady T: thanks for the 1L advice, I'm open to any and all of it at this point :o)

    Judy: you're welcome any time!

  4. How wonderful! Having rehabbed a whole house, I completely understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding the renovating a kitchen a.k.a. my office :-)